Permissions error with /etc/retroarch.cfg

A second roadblock that I could use some help with:

Using the TankStick button binding guide here ((Pre-RetroArch 1.7.2) X-Arcade Tankstick & Dual Joystick Config) I have an updated retroarch.cfg file ready to swap in. I know where to put it (the etc folder) and can access that location… but despite trying both Transmit and Cyberduck on my Mac, I can’t get the file to replace. I can’t delete the existing file either. So close!

I get an error that would seem to be permissions related. That’s an easy fix in these apps, but both of them refuse to change permissions on either the existing cfg file, or the etc folder.

I’m logged into my pi using login root and password root, so I feel like I should have full access. Am I missing something? Surely someone “owns” these files and folders, but it doesn’t seem to be me :slight_smile:

Transmit’s version of the file transfer error is: “Couldn’t get remote handle. Make sure you have permission to modify this file.”

So yeah I’m in the ballpark but stumped as to why it won’t execute any permissions changes.

I know just a wee bit about permissions but it’s been a while. The etc folder is 775. Trying to add the final step to make it 777 results in “could not change attributes - protocol error”. The cfg file is 664 and also resists changes with the same “protocol error”.

This is on a Pi 4 by the way.

And for my next trick, I’ve edited the cfg file from my Mac’s Terminal app, using SSH. Can get in and use nano to make the edits… abut saving out is once again not working :frowning: I get the message “Error writing retroarch.cfg: Read-only file system”

Well, the answer is simple: the /etc/ file system is read-only. The config you need to edit is in /storage/.config/retroarch, not in /etc/ :slight_smile:

@natinusala I’d only be sad if it were a complicated answer. Well done, thanks.

Looks like I have to turn on hidden files, but yes I do see that folder.