Phantom inputs by PS3 controller



My (original) PS3 controller is generating random inputs, even when unattended. I just leave lakka at the main menu and at random intervals it moves up by one. Some observations I made:

This ONLY happens when connected wireless. Wired seems to be fine. The exact same configuration (same device, controller, bluetooth adapter) works flawless in CoreElec.

I made some research: The controller never stops to blink, although paired, which seems to be due to a bug in kernel 3.14. CoreElec is using the same kernel (3.14). The controller does NOT blink when paired successfully. It looks like CE is using some backports for the old kernel, i’m not sure if this would solve my random input problem, though. Would be really nice if we could use a more up to date kernel. e.g. If you think it’s not kernel related please let me know :slight_smile:

My config: Odroid C2, Lakka-Odroid_C2.arm-2.2.img.gz, PS3 sixaxis wireless controller.


The random movement is probably just related to having no configurable deadzone, so even tiny movements (or spurious signals) from the analogs can cause movement.


That makes sense, I just don’t get why it never happens in wired mode. Maybe it was just bad luck and I didn’t wait long enough, gonna make some more tests later.


Just tried a different controller (PS3 dualshock 3) and it behaves exactly the same. It is caused by one of the analog sticks. Unfortunately, setting a higher deadzone doesn’t fix it, I have to disable the analog sticks to get rid of phantom inputs. No idea why both controllers work fine in CE, though.