Photoshop Oil- paint filter

Is this kind of shader possible to make for Retroarch? (its not like the Kuwahara filter)

Here is another video were you can see the different settings for it

Here are some pictures from my own shader- setup with nedi. Then I have taken them to Photoshop and used the Pixel Bender Oil Paint over them. They seem to happen on the fly with my gpu (980ti). The setting this effect has is -

Stylization 10 Cleanliness 15 Colorization1.03 Brush Scale 0.1 Brush Contrast. 0.1

Here are two more were you can see exactly what the effect does. The first one is Retroarch only and the second one with the Photoshop filter-

And here is a zoom- in on how it cleans the image -

If someone would make this for Retroarch it sure would make my day!

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I can’t find any hints as to how the photoshop filter actually works. Without that, I think the Kuwahara algo or nedi are your best bets.

Here is a source for a similar filter -

In case someone wonders, this one is made with the one I found the source from -

thx a lot, but this similar filter file addr is invalid.Can you help me?