(Pi 4) 2 screen setup? Touch Screen Support?

I have a Pi 4 with Lakka on it and seeing it has 2 video outputs I’ve been kicking around a few different ideas of a setup one with a TV and a smaller touchscreen.

Potential ideas include using the smaller touchscreen as a second screen for DS games, displaying some kind of info on the second screen (ex box art), displaying system info, having game selection on the touchscreen and launching it on the bigger screen, or other possibilities like just displaying the quick settings menu.

What I want to know is what built in support is there in Lakka for 2 screens? Do I have any easy options here or will this need to be custom?

RetroArch/Lakka doesn’t really have much second-screen support. For example, the 3/DS cores print both screens to the same framebuffer, so it’s not easy to separate them out to different monitors. You can select content on one screen and launch it on a second screen, but I’m not sure how, exactly. Maybe via settings > video > monitor index…?

Hmm that would make things difficult I might want to consider an alternative then.