PiBoy DMG Support?

Request for PiBoy DMG support, as it would be a nice alternative to have to RetroPie.

https://www.experimentalpi.com/PiBoy-DMG--Assembled_p_16.html – Product Landing Page

@Shockwave That’s an awesome device! I’d not heard of it before!! Thank you for sharing!!

Having said that, I wonder of Lakka might already support it? If you are able to attach the files from the boot partition of it, I’ll try and take a look - the LCD driver is quite possibly just a DTO overlay file.

Have you tried running Lakka on it already? I would highly recommend using a different MicroSD card if you decide to try it, so that the original OS doesn’t get lost.

Update: Might not need to attach anything. I just found the download link for the OS, and am extracting it now.

After I’m done transferring ROMs/ISOs to my RetroPie build for it, I’ll muck around seeing if I could get Lakka to work (last time, it didn’t work and it said on their website that Lakka isn’t supported at the moment, hence the post requesting support for it, because it says currently not supported, but being worked on at the moment: https://www.experimentalpi.com/Installing-the-Safe-Shutdown-and-OSD-Software-on-the-PiBoy-DMG_b_21.html.

Because, well, RetroPie. These guys know how I feel about it. However, since I know the community is small, and they do work hard (and being a fellow engineer/programmer, I get it), I respect them.