Play! core unable to start games in LAKKA - file not found

Well, I’ve been at this for several hours. I believe I have isolated the cause of the problem, but the fix eludes me, so far.

PS2VM: Error mounting cdrom0 device: Invalid file handle.
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
what():  No 'SYSTEM.CNF' file found on the cdrom0 device.
Aborted (core dumped)

Now, I checked the contents of the PS2 DVD, and the file in question is definitely present, but the case is different. The core is looking for ‘SYSTEM.CNF’, however, the file is actually named ‘system.cnf’.

Is there a way to force all file names to be uppercase via the mount command? I’m reasonably savvy with Linux, but some of the obscure stuff I don’t know about.

I’m thinking I need to file a bug report. I’m waiting to see to see if there is a work-around that allows my games to play, so that I can include the “fix”. If that’s not feasible, then I’ll need to file the report without.

FWIW, I own about 8 games. This same problem pops up on all of them.

I am running LAKKA on a PC Laptop with Intel HD Graphics. Please let me know if you need more specific info about my setup to help troubleshoot.

Thanks, –Aaron

Are your PS2 games zipped or unzipped?

Technically neither, since you can’t zip physical media, unless you put them in a zip-loc bag, but then you can’t play them in there… :crazy_face:

Also, I found a blurb somewhere that mentions that one of the things they hope to get working is PS2 support for the 3.0 release of Lakka. I take that to mean that the current stable version doesn’t have it working.

FWIW, I’m using an old MacBook Pro (old = 2009). I’m waiting to get back a much better laptop that I loaned to someone. When I get that one back, I’ll probably install Lakka onto the second HDD. It’s a beastly 17.3” screen, 2 HDD bays, 8 GB of RAM (upgradable to 16 GB). The CPU isn’t the greatest, but perhaps I can swap that out - I’ve been doing that sort of thing for 20+ years.

Anywho, I’m rambling now…

Seeing that I’m playing PS2 games on my setup…shrugs

goes back to God of War Yeah, Lakka does favor Intel Integrated Graphics, but that might be pushing it for PS2 emulation…

@Shockwave Yeah, I’ve been using the nightlies recently. That error doesn’t occur there, but it seems to have graphics issues - too slow. This MacBook uses a very old Nvidia chipset. I’ve tried the Vulcan build, but it hangs at the Lakka logo. I’m guessing the chipset is too old to be functional with Vulcan. When I get the other system back, I hope the experience will be better - USB 3 and Intel HD graphics.

Are you trying to run the physical discs? If so, I think only the blue CD-based discs have any chance of working, and I’m not sure if even those have been tested.

@hunterk yes, I am using the actual disc for Kingdom Hearts. On the stable release, the issue appears to be a case sensitivity issue - its looking for the wrong file name, or rather, a file with the same spelling in all caps, whereas the actual file is in no caps.

I can’t use a cue/bin format, as the dump disk option doesn’t seem to do anything, and I’m not sure how to create the image on a Windows or Linux box (I have both). I have also tried about 6 other PS2 discs, but they all have the same issue.

FWIW, I have gone in with an SSH client, and have done an ‘ls’ of the disc’s contents, so I know Lakka can physically read the disc.

Well, Old topic, I know. I have my newer laptop system back now. I had to replace the CPU. It had an old Pentuim N920 or N960 or something. Upgraded to an i5 Core2Duo Sandy Bridge CPU. Much better performance now! Has 8 GB DDR3 and Intel HD video.

I found a program that can make CUE/BIN sets, but it doesn’t run on Windows 10. Installed XP on an old Dell Laptop with a CoreDuo CPU and 2 GB RAM. I’m ripping the DVD with the free MagicDisc program, from the creators of MagicISO.

It will take another 45 minutes or so to make the image. Stay tuned.

Also, I am running the latest nightly as of 2 days ago.