Playlist updating?


Do the playlists that automatically found all my roms update if i delete a rom / rename it?

To refresh it - do i have to do this manually or does it do it automatically?



Whoops, I didn’t see this post when you first made it.

The playlists do not refresh on their own, and if you re-scan, it will just add everything onto what’s already there, making dupes. You need to delete the old lpl file and then re-scan.


[solved issue can close thread…]


I’m reading in multiple places to delete the Playlist or lpl files but cannot find anywhere how to do this on a Raspberry Pi (3b+), I’ve found the Playlist folder in the Directory but cannot workout how to delete anything?

Thanks Mick


I believe for Lakka, you have to either do it remotely via SSH or open your SD card on another machine and delete them from there.


The playlists folder is also shared by default via Samba, assuming that Samba is turned on in the “Services” settings in the first place.