Please give me tips for crt shader on android

What is the best and fastest CRT Shader for Android suitable for 1280x720 display resolution 16:9 full screen ?

None of them look all that great at 720p, unfortunately. It’s just not enough pixels to make a really good effect. However, crt-geom and crt-caligari look pretty good, I think.

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Zfast-crt is very fast and looks ok at 720p with integer scale.


What you can use in terms of shaders depends on your GPU and the amount of pixels they’re applied to. Zfast and CRT-PI can run on low-end phones for instance, for better devices, I’d try geom and easymode, maybe hyllian and guest venom fast. You may have to alter a few parameters, I have a 1360x768 panel TV where I turn mask effects down for example.

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the fast: Zfast-crt, scanlines-sine-abs

the slower: crt-geom (if your phone is powerful enough), guest-venom-fast ( i would turn off mask entirely on 720p), crt-easymode-halation (same as guest-venom)

With 720p you would use 3x scale at all times i guess.


Thank you very much for the reply zfast is very good and works fast. I use snes Blargg filter with it and also fake lottes to simulate curvature only I know it’s not accurate but it’s still okay unfortunately I don’t remember the picture on the crt when I was a kid to try to emulate it now I own the crt and I don’t have any console lol Sorry for the grammatical errors, I am using Google Translate I’m an Egyptian Arab

I recomend crt-zfast. Best scanlines.

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zfast is very good and fast

also geom fake and lottes fake

Sony Megatron Colour Video Monitor is pretty lightweight as well and you can even run it via Mega Bezel Reflection Shader.

Can’t say how it would look at 1080p though.

It looks spectacular on the right settings.

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I don’t know why I would have said at 1080p because that’s the vertical resolution of my cellphone in Landscape mode and I have tested Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor at those settings and it really does look spectacular.

I probably meant to say, “Can’t say how it would look at 720p though.”

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