Please show off what crt shaders can do!

Thank you that one trick did it. Now I’m wondering if I should recapture and reupload all new moire-less images now lol

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I personally would, that would drive me crazy if I posted screens then immediately fixed something that had been bugging me, lol.

The struggle for the perfect shader never ends lol. I’ll come back to it another time I guess. Least you get an idea of what I was going for.


I’ve been working on a shader chain for the better part of a year XD.

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Our work is never done lol. I hope you come up with something amazing. I also noticed after toggling that parameter that scanlines slightly become uneven, I guess that was the trade off. I’m not sure if that annoys me more than the moire lol.

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I started a new thread for the bezel reflection stuff here:


Sorry to bother you about a post from forever ago, but could you elaborate about the different shader chains you have for these?

I find it super interesting!

Does any one know if this shader was ported to RetroArch? I’ve looked through the CRT directory and didn’t find anything close to what is presented in shadertoy

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I just did a better job of porting the metacrt shader if you want to give it another shot.


It’s not showing me what post your responding to. I’m not sure what you are asking.

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Post 150 you’re showing different video connection presets(RF, Composite, Component, RGB, etc.) screens of Rayman.

Some NES with zfast-crt.


Been working on an improvement fot crt-guest-dr-venom shader horizontal filter and had a “revelation” recently, how to make the substractive sharpening a “continuous function”.

(Continuous “resampling” functions produce smooth results without steps etc…).

Since i removed smart filtering from the official version (it’s still in the fast version) and this is a decent and established methode for horizontal filtering, i worked a bit on it and now it’s functioning as intended.

No Anti Ringing:


What are the benefits of this vs the “smart filtering”, is it faster, better looking or something else?


It’s already in the shader, but has/had some issues. Resampling with “substractive sharpening” is an industry standard for image processing and classic gaussian resampling lacks of it, so it’s mostly used for quality blur. “Smart filtering” was quite a slowdown although it could look nice.

Crt-guest-dr-venom uses gaussian resampling, as my implementation was aiming to some setting dynamics and it can be very versatile. With recent improvement my goal is sort off complete and smart filtering didn’t weight off the benefits any more.


I’m currently fixing bad LUTs (.png files) and bad settings (user-cgp-constants.h) from crt royale shader. It will no longer be necessary to decrease sharpness with a larger mask size. I haven’t finished fixing everything yet, here are the previews.





I like your settings a lot, and I also use a Shield for retrogaming, so I’m definitely interested in reading them.

Plus, I also like the overlays you’re using. where did you get them form?

Tips for get a better CRT simulation? I use crt-easymode-halation with composite filter in Mesen settings.


I’m still super on the fence about composite (shaders/emulation). They all seem to look noticably different from each other.

Those are some decent screens, like the first two the most (but I’m really into platformers and I actually know what they are, lol).

What is the third screen from (I like shmups fairly well and I’m not really sure what game it is.)

They are all NES games. Same settings used for all the three screenshots.

Bucky O’Hare Kiwi Kraze Legendary Wings (only released in the US).

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