Please show off your Handheld Shaders (GB, GBC, ETC.)

Gambatte custom palette + custom grid overlay + Lut for adjusting levels and colors + Reshade for additionnal eye candy effects (blur, bloom, Chromatic Aberration)


Wow, look like a screen with glass. Is that a specific effect or the combination of all you listed?

It’s reshade prism effect that creates chromatic aberration in borders. I like to abuse of this even with some other cores :slight_smile:


Thanks, I gonna try later.

Really digging the screen effect.

For gba I often used


Hi! I haven’t found a shader that does what I’m looking for (maybe there is) so I’ve been experimenting with what can be done with an overlay. The downside of this approach is that it has to be designed for a specific background color for it to look as intended.

Note: hacked together from assets from the shader pack, credit where credit is due.

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This isn’t mine, but I thought it looked really cool. It’s a GBC shader emulating the look of the Dot Matrix display on the original Game Boy.


That’s precisely what I’ve been wanting for basically forever! Where’d you find it?

Mind sharing a link to this ?

Pun intended, yes.