Please show off your Handheld Shaders (GB, GBC, ETC.)

We currently have basically two CRT Show Off Threads, I’d love to see what others are using for handheld systems.

I don’t have my Handheld Shaders set up yet, so no screens from me. Yet…

Looking forward to seeing your setups!


I think that’s a cool idea.

I pretty much just use w/e color shader would apply to each system followed by RetroV2. (Doing this, I realized I have a GBC color shader, but I’m also using gambette’s color correction… so that probably looks wrong lol)


I’m still messing with shaders, currently I’m running GBA games with a CRT type shader set up (dotmask+scanlines-fract combined shader).

For GB games, I’ve been messing with simpletex_lcd and lcd. Just not really sure what to do with it.

Haven’t really tested any GBC games and shaders. Any suggestions for GBC games and shaders to try?

I do that too, it’s by far the best looking solution for any game that is not 720p or higher (yes I even scanline the shit out of 480p content if I can haha). The only system I might consider using an LCD filter for is the original Game Boy.

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I also like to use CRT-shaders with handheld. Using crt-guess-venom.


The thread has risen!!

In all seriousness though, loving the screenshots and it’s great to see I’m not the only one that thinks GBA need CRT love. I also scanline and mask 480 content when I can.

So far I’m really only using an LCD sharder for GB, WS, NGP. Mainly stuff that doesn’t really have much going on in the color department.

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These shots are looking pretty nice. I’m finishing up with my new set of CRT-on-CRT shader presets, but I haven’t even tried to throw them at GBA or anything. Gonna have to do that tonight.

If I can ever get my phone to upload pictures I’ll be sure to share them too lol

What shader are you using here? The glow on that metroid game looks nice.

Hope you can get some pictures.

I know you didn’t ask me, but I think its probably Crt-apeture or guests dr venom.

EDIT: I feel like I should get a prize, lol.

Oops forgot to include that. It is crt-guess as mentioned above.

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I find the default gb shader to be the best. I just vhanged the background image to a cleaner one because the default had some scratches that bothered me.


Gema, is the default GB shader the one from Tatsuya’s handheld shaders pack?

If it’s not, whats the name of it?

It’s handheld/gameboy. That is, not handheld/console-border/whatever


As always; THANK YOU.

Another set of shaders that I like. These are from the handheld pack. The borders are part of the shader.


I’m really digging those GBC screenies, is the border shader doing the grid overlay, or is it another shader in that chain?

One shader does everything. Borders, grid, scaling.

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I love the border shaders that do it all, though I still don’t understand why the author decided that the border image has to have that glass glare on the upper right corner. We got glare on the real consoles as a necessity, not because we liked it!

At least other stuff that seems unnecessary like low pixel response time can be turned off, but for the border background image you have to use an image editor to get rid of the glare.

@Arviel Those look reaaally cool indeed!

Personally I like using the “console-borders” shaders for handheld, like “gba-4x” or “gba-lcd-grid-V2-4x” for instance. I try to get the real authenticity !

Here are a few screenshots using jdgleaver’s simpletex_lcd handheld shader. The second screenshot is using crt_lottes to show the comparison between the two. I like the look of them both, but mainly use simpletex_lcd with a clean background rather than the default textured background.