Please show off your Handheld Shaders (GB, GBC, ETC.)


We currently have basically two CRT Show Off Threads, I’d love to see what others are using for handheld systems.

I don’t have my Handheld Shaders set up yet, so no screens from me. Yet…

Looking forward to seeing your setups!


I think that’s a cool idea.

I pretty much just use w/e color shader would apply to each system followed by RetroV2. (Doing this, I realized I have a GBC color shader, but I’m also using gambette’s color correction… so that probably looks wrong lol)


I’m still messing with shaders, currently I’m running GBA games with a CRT type shader set up (dotmask+scanlines-fract combined shader).

For GB games, I’ve been messing with simpletex_lcd and lcd. Just not really sure what to do with it.

Haven’t really tested any GBC games and shaders. Any suggestions for GBC games and shaders to try?