Possible to add OpenGL cores to Nvidia Vulkan build?

Kind of an idiot question, but wanted to add some of the buildbot x86-64 cores to round out the core set for the Nvidia-based system I had in mind to use Lakka on to turn it into a Retroarch-based video game console. Any ideas? Do you have some Vulkan-based versions of those OpenGL cores available or am I stuck with the library set I have? I’d like to emulate some Dreamcast, too!

Flycast has had a Vulkan renderer for awhile now. Though I’m not sure what cores or how new cores included in Lakka are.

Well, tried it with my old Alienware Alpha (GTX 750 Ti equivalent/GTX 860M), no dice. Which tells me that OpenGL cores will have to be recompiled into Vulkan-based ones to integrated with the Nvidia build of Lakka. Oh well, I tried. It was a worthy experiment.

Update: thanks @gouchi and crew for Lakka 3.0. It works with the Alpha now. No reduced Nvidia core count needed. Woohoo!