Post Your Overlays!


I made a couple of system-specific overlays for the Android port and thought I’d share them with everyone:

Included in the pack are a 6-button arcade variant (called ‘capcom’), a Sega Genesis overlay and a Neo-Geo overlay.

Feel free to ask questions and/or post your own in this thread.


How “accurate” do you intend these to be? Just asking because I had a look at genesis.png and I see there’s a regular cross d-pad like on the Nintendo consoles. The real d-pad looks a bit different:


I’m not going for super-accuracy, just an approximation of the layout with fewer, if any, extraneous buttons. I kept the cross hatswitch even on the ‘capcom’ and ‘neogeo’ overlays simply because it makes more sense with the digital nature of the controls than a circle representing a joystick would. :slight_smile:


here’s my “glassy” GBA overlay, if anyone’s interested:

portrait mode included as one of the overlays, change by pressing “next” button download link:

for some strange reason forum doesn’t allow more than 1 link in a message and images count as links :S


@box That looks really nice!

Re: link limit, yeah, we have a big problem with spammers here, so we have a lot of the spam detection set really high. “Excessive” link posting is one of the red flags.


Awesome job box! I really like your glassy overlay. Just curious if you thought about adding diagonal controls in between the d-pad buttons?

for example: overlay0_desc1 = “left|up,12,34,radial,20,20” overlay0_desc2 = “left|down,12,34,radial,20,20” overlay0_desc3 = “right|up,12,34,radial,20,20” overlay0_desc4 = “right|down,12,34,radial,20,20”


opium, yeah, i thought about it, but my device’ screen is quite small, so i can press 2 directional buttons no problem.

anyway, i’ve added diagonal keys to a separate .cfg file and updated the linked .zip


Very very nice job box! And it is nice to have it included in the last release! A big D-pad=easier to play! Thanks

If anyone reads me, I have some questions as a user :

  • To box: Would it be possible to have the same style for the PSX? Because the included overlay has a little D-pad. Enough for RPG but difficult with racing games.
  • Is it possible to set a default overlay for each core? For instance, a PSX overlay for the PCSX core, and this GBA overlay for the dedicated core. It would automatically switch to the good one: no need to chage the settings.
  • and one last request (looks like a dream): would it be possible, as an option, to set left and right keys as “left tilt” or “right tilt” of the phone. This is the case for racing games on android. And this would be a killer feature to play racing games, imagine Crash Team Racing on PSX with such controls! When the phone tilts on the left, it would turn left in the game.

One last thing : To everyone included in retroarch: Congratulations! Keep up the good job! This is one of the best emulator, and definitely the best one for android! I love the idea of gathering many emulators in one! This is perfect!


of course, here:

dl link:


Impressive! You are very skilled! Thank you!

Hope it will be included as default for PSX


It can’t be bundled as-is due to the playstation logo. Sony likes to use their logos as grounds for removing emulators from app stores. It should be fine without that, though.


hunterk: What about the signs on the right: square, circle…?

box: Is it possible to have a version without logo for the next release?


The button symbols don’t seem to be an issue. There are tons of knockoff playstation gamepads with the buttons labeled.


Yeah just remove the PS logo from that pic and I’ll bundle it in.


box: I have downloaded and tested the PSX overlay and as I thought, it is better to play with this big D-pad! I like the glass effect too: buttons are visible, big and do not hide the game. Thanks!


sure. i’ve replaced it with this:

link is the same:

the new “overlay opacity” option is also nice for visibility :smiley: and you’re welcome.


I love it! That should be the official menu button graphic.


Yeah, probably. box - can you make a higher res version of that and post it here so I can use it for the other overlays as well?


I really love it too! This is the perfect logo for retroarch! I agree with hunterk: should be the default logo!

About the overlay, I have something to say as a user: I have noticed, while in landscape mode, that when I touch the menu button, the overlay becomes weird (becomes portrait mode). Is it possible to have this “mode change” option only available as a sub menu ? Because when I play and want to save the game, I have to touch the menu once, it becomes “portrait mode” and the menu position changes. So I have to touch it once again to access menu. Kind of weird.

I suggest to have this behavior instead: touch the menu button=> display the menu When menu displayed, if menu button is touched=> back to game.

And if someone wants to change the mode between portrait or landscape, it should be available in this menu or only in the game settings, or (ideally) automatically detected (it is already the case with the game display). I don’t know if it is hard to code but this automated behavior would ease the game play. maybe add an option to lock in a certain mode (portrait or landscape) in the settings. and overlays would be automatically adapted to this mode.

What do you think about it?


sure, is 1280x128 enough?

well i’ve just decided put both landscape and portrait overlays in one config (that’s why it switches through them everytime), it can be easily separated into separate configs (like it is with other overlays) for portrait/landscape modes, if people desire so.

of course if some kind of auto detection will be coded in it would be nice.