Post Your Overlays!


@bodomterror, may I use the SNES overlay for my livestream on twitch? Looking to do a Super mario RPG blind playthrough and I love this overlay!!


Yes, no problem :relaxed:


Growing up in the UK my childhood gaming CRT was a 14’’ Grundig monitor. I saved the day many times on that little wonder. Using this overlay really dials up the nostalga! I feel these old games were meant to be played on a CRT TV and with the right PAL or NTSC shader this is as close as I can reasonably get on a modern PC.


feel free to come by anytime!

Is it okay if I use the standard NES as well for when I playthrough Zelda 2? :smiley:


Sure why not! :grin:


Welp, I’m new here at LibRetro, nice to meet all :smile: I HATE Black Bars with the bottom of my heart, and I LOVE to edit… SO I combined those and I’m making per game overlay, I started with Darius Plus for the PC Engine, looking fine at the moment


I made some 4K overlays since I couldn’t find any at the quality I was looking for. These are made to maximize screen real estate and will work at 4:3 scaling, or custom scaling for those games that have black borders. Many of these are inspired by the consoles design, so they aren’t 100% accurate to the source, they are just formatted to look nice as bezels/overlays.

I use the CRT_Geom shader with these settings changed and the screens are curved exactly where they need to be:

CRT Geom Curvature Radius: 3.00

CRT Corner Size: 0.00

CRT Geom Sharpness: 3.00

*edit - seems the file size was too big for some of these to post to imgur as png files so I’ve posted all my overlays on Mega (Including some not previewed here):

Download Here


These look fantastic. Thank you for sharing! Love the Neo Geo in particular.


Thanks, there’s also a version of the Neo Geo overlay without the logo in the Mega link. It’s called GamerTV.

I should also mention to those who may be hesitant about these being 4K if they don’t have a 4K display. These should scale down to other 16:9 resolutions with no issue.


My Resident Evil Overlays for PSX

Standard .cfg is (Name the .cfg same as pic name):

overlays = 1

overlay0_overlay = RE1-type1.png

overlay0_full_screen = true

overlay0_descs = 0


Hi! Can someone please share the old tv overlay in psd files? I hope someone can i need it for a different project where i need to adjust the borders and the tv.


Sorry, I’ve been AFK for an extended amount of time.

Glad you like em! :smiley:

I have a few more, I usually post them over on the LaunchBox forums:


Hello, I’m new to the forums. I made a CRT overlay for NES


Great work! Once you finish it, you could post a link/png; I would love to test it out :slight_smile:

What is the shader preset you used in those pics?


Thanks Kondorito! I was very sleepy last night when I posted this and I forgot to put the link to the video! Here it is: Also, download link:


Really nice ! Could you convert your shader to GLSL ? CGP is deprecated nowadays. (And maybe convert to Slang for Vulkan ?)


Mmm I didn’t know about this, let me see what I can do.

EDIT: For the life of me I can’t make CRT Royale GLSL shader (Which this is a modiefied version of) work on my computer. I only get a black screen. Well here’s a download link for you to try

EDIT2: I can’t make this work with vulkan because CRTRoyale doesn’t have all the same parameters under it. I’ll have to create a workaround.


Would you mind making one version without the background and the TV zoomed in to fill the upper and lower screen?


No I wouldn’t. Here you go:


Thank you :wink: That looks sleek.