Post Your Overlays!


Noticed there weren’t a lot of old GB overlays available so I worked up one for DMG and one for Gameboy Color




With Ozone being in the works and just getting a Nintendo Switch myself. I decided to recreate the overlay used in the NES Switch Online app.

custom_viewport_height = “1080”

custom_viewport_width = “1440”

custom_viewport_x = “240”

custom_viewport_y = “0”


Damn, I had an idea to do something like that, but I couldn’t get the dots to look right. How did you do the dot pattern?


I just laid out a grid and have the circles increase in increments of 2 pixels after every 2 circles of that size.


That was way different than my approach. I made the dot pattern, and defined a pattern in photoshop as those dots. Then I filled the canvas with the pattern. image

Definitely a lot blurrier than yours.


Yeah I tried doing that but circles with odd integer sizes don’t fit properly and just makes everything blurry like you said.


I made a Sony PVM Overlay (Yeah, I know it’s unoriginal)



custom_viewport_height = “563”

custom_viewport_width = “704”

custom_viewport_x = “329”

custom_viewport_y = “25”

And use CRT Geom with these settings:

alias0 = “”

cornersize = “0.035000”

cornersmooth = “1400.000000”

CRTgamma = “2.700000”

CURVATURE = “1.000000”

d = “3.000000”

DOTMASK = “0.000000”

filter_linear0 = “true”

float_framebuffer0 = “false”

mipmap_input0 = “false”

monitorgamma = “2.799999”


I apparently can’t create a new topic yet (new account) so I’ll just post these here for now:

I’m still working to perfect these, and once I get a good groove going, it will be trivial to expand the library of overlays. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


To use these overlays, you will need to place the CRT folder in your overlay folder on your Pi: /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay

You will then be able to access them from the Quick Menu.

Retroarch Video Settings:

1080p Settings Value
Aspect Ratio Custom
Custom Aspect Ratio X Pos 480
Custom Aspect Ratio Y Pos 180
Custom Aspect Ratio Width 960
Custom Aspect Ratio Height 720
Integer Scale Off


They look gorgeous! Great job!


Hey! I’m glad you like my wallpapers! Leave me a like if you would!


Hello! A simple overlay gamepad I made for 8 inch tablets, regular overlays look giant on screens bigger than a smarthphone. Thank you for all the great work!



Hey, that looks great! Thanks for sharing!

What’s the E button for?



Thank you! It’s a combo of square and x together (y and b). It’s useful for some ps1 games , but it can be changed on the cfg file.


Hello everyone, as a debut here a little Photoshop project of mine which I was working on the last days (Not nonstop ofc… ;)). I think it came out pretty nice, and it was recommended I should post it here. So here I am . :wink:

For years I long for a Sony BVM-1310 CRT Monitor, I simply adore the cool and professional look with lots of visible switches. So I thought some time ago, if I can’t afford the real thing, at least would this monitor make a great overlay for 4:3 emulation on a 16:9 screen, since it is one of very few monitors having most switches on both sides of the screen instead of below like most tvs and monitors… And that’s why I created this overlay. The “Reloaded” version contains two overlays with different frame thickness on top and at the bottom. Depending on emulator core, game resolution and game aspect ratio the one or the other will come in handy.

You can download it here:

Have fun! :slight_smile:


That’s so beautiful, thanks!


I have a question regarding the overlays in the Github repository here :

Why is there a Neo Geo MVS overlay, but no AES one ?


Difficult to say… In terms of authenticity, there should be one. So I made two… (horizontal and vertical)… :wink: Download here, including retroarch.cfg: Maybe someone can upload it to github as well.


Awesome, thanks ! It would be nice to add them to the repo !


Great looking overlay! I tried it out and I like the general dimensions of it on my 8 inch Nvidia Shield K1.

Only thing is I found it somewhat easy to slide my thumb over from the dpad to the state save/load icons. I never tried editing a layout before, so I thought deleting the lines for the save/load icons from the .cfg would result in those icons being removed, but it instead blanked out the entire overlay altogether.

I guess this is kind of a general question for someone who is new to editing touchscreen overlays but what’s the correct way to edit specific icons from the .cfg without ruining the integrity of the overlay altogether?