Post Your Overlays!


Noticed there weren’t a lot of old GB overlays available so I worked up one for DMG and one for Gameboy Color




With Ozone being in the works and just getting a Nintendo Switch myself. I decided to recreate the overlay used in the NES Switch Online app.

custom_viewport_height = “1080”

custom_viewport_width = “1440”

custom_viewport_x = “240”

custom_viewport_y = “0”


Damn, I had an idea to do something like that, but I couldn’t get the dots to look right. How did you do the dot pattern?


I just laid out a grid and have the circles increase in increments of 2 pixels after every 2 circles of that size.


That was way different than my approach. I made the dot pattern, and defined a pattern in photoshop as those dots. Then I filled the canvas with the pattern. image

Definitely a lot blurrier than yours.


Yeah I tried doing that but circles with odd integer sizes don’t fit properly and just makes everything blurry like you said.


I made a Sony PVM Overlay (Yeah, I know it’s unoriginal)



custom_viewport_height = “563”

custom_viewport_width = “704”

custom_viewport_x = “329”

custom_viewport_y = “25”

And use CRT Geom with these settings:

alias0 = “”

cornersize = “0.035000”

cornersmooth = “1400.000000”

CRTgamma = “2.700000”

CURVATURE = “1.000000”

d = “3.000000”

DOTMASK = “0.000000”

filter_linear0 = “true”

float_framebuffer0 = “false”

mipmap_input0 = “false”

monitorgamma = “2.799999”


I apparently can’t create a new topic yet (new account) so I’ll just post these here for now:

I’m still working to perfect these, and once I get a good groove going, it will be trivial to expand the library of overlays. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


To use these overlays, you will need to place the CRT folder in your overlay folder on your Pi: /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay

You will then be able to access them from the Quick Menu.

Retroarch Video Settings:

1080p Settings Value
Aspect Ratio Custom
Custom Aspect Ratio X Pos 480
Custom Aspect Ratio Y Pos 180
Custom Aspect Ratio Width 960
Custom Aspect Ratio Height 720
Integer Scale Off


They look gorgeous! Great job!


Hey! I’m glad you like my wallpapers! Leave me a like if you would!