Post Your Overlays!


Added an N64 Themed Overlay to the Pack.


These versions are even more plain.


Man! You rock! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: If you ever do one for the 32X, let me know. You made my day.


Some of these overlays are not mine. I just altered them by adding a border frame to them. The border frame is sometimes colorized by me to match the artwork. I also added the logo at the bottom of the border frame. So just to be clear, I don’t take credit for all of the artwork presented here.

You can get the original overlays that are not mine without frame borders here,

The original border frames came from here,

Screen Glare Examples


I forgot to post the link. Here’s the download link for the Overlays.


These custom overlays were made by me to play Tomb Raider games on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit if you use it on your channel. Thanks.


Sega 32x Console Themed Overlay


You are an angel! <3


Thank you @Orionsangel for joining us here and posting you overlays.

Ps. @hunterk are these beeing added to the github repository?


No, because we’re trying to keep the overlay repo as small as possible, since it’s a necessary download for mobile users. However, I could always toss up a new repo specifically for overlay borders.


Orionsangel, what´s the shader you are using in conjunction wth the glare/scratches overlays? Is it geom?


Yes, I am using it in conjunction with the glare/scratches overlay. Yes, it’s crt-geom.


Thank you! This place is awesome!


Yes please that would be great. Then there is a common place for all of them.


These are awesome @Orionsangel , @hunterk I would love to see an overlay repo. Right now digging out overlays is a big treasure hunt of individuals cloud storage links they are just everywhere. I good selection/spot within retroarch system would be amazing


Alright, here’s the repo. You can submit pull requests there and I’ll merge them.

If you want to include your name/credits, add them to the cfg in a commented line(s).

EDIT: lolwhoops, forgot the link:


Thank you! That means a lot to me.


I’m new here. What exactly is a repo?


Heh, I forgot to post the link. It’s there now.

It’s a git repo, which is a type of version control. It lets people copy data from the repo and make changes to their local copy and then submit those changes back to the repo for other people to sync up to.


@hunterk Maybe this should be a sticky in the overlay forums so that people can see when they can submit the overlays for safe keeping.

Links go out of date and vanishes and that’s sad all together for everyone.