Post Your Overlays!




Orions these tomb raider overlays it’s awesome, here is my tomb raider 4 the last revelation overlay for 16:10 users hope you enjoy.


That’s amazing! Great job! I love it!


Thanks Orion :slight_smile:, i’m not pro but overlays inspire me to be better.


You’re welcome my friend :slight_smile:


I decided to make 1080p resolution Tomb Raider 2, test it because i have 16:10 monitor and try this settings in retroarch: integer scale off, viewport x 278, viewport y 30, viewport width 1364, viewport height 1020.

here is updated image


Snes 16:10 overlay based on snes North America console. Fixed background color.


I’m getting reports some files are missing from this collection. This one should have them all.


This is awesome, I bookmarked this post. I have one question, I think my question may be around but still not sure about it. How do you set overlays per game. For example I was doing that for emerson system (I think) and I set an overlay per game. There where like 10 games only.

But for MAMe are like 1000+ and it is not gonna be reasonable to do that one by one. How do you set up the overlays per game in that case. I got mame overlays from somewhere else but I haven’t tried that. I have been using bezel fro hyperspin for now but I don’t like how some of them look like with the resolution.



@bad_boo, once you load your overlay, for Super Mario Bros., for instance, and want this overlay to load exclusively for this game, just save an override game config.


Thanks Orion. Wanted to check the file but it gives me an error when opening it up. Let me know if somebody else downloads it and works fine (maybe its just me).


Thanks, Yes, I did it that way with a few games on the GCE Vectrex. I used the “override game” option. But that is when you do it one by one. I mean is there a way for the game to get the overlay automatically per game? The same way the bezels work on Rocketlauncher, where as long as the bezel has the same name of the rom name, it will load automatically.


Hmm, that would be nice, I believe you could do that editing some configs here and there, but if an automated way exists, I’m not aware of.


I just created two simple borders for NDS and GBA, it just needs the video aspect set to “core provided” and it should fit if you’re using a 16:9 monitor.

GBA Simple Border:

NDS Simple Border:


My 16:10 modified Nintendo DS overlay


That’s strange. It works for me and others that have told me it’s working.


I made some Overlays to play Dreamcast games on Retroarch

You can download the overlays here -


Well done! I like it! We need more DS overlays.


I made an Overlay to play Saturn games on Retroarch

You can download the overlay here -


Do you also have your console overlays without the video borders? Can you post it?


For MAME it’s probably best to use the MAME artwork sets that are zipped with .lay files instead of using RA overlay feature.

It does seem that the overlay feature is getting a ton of attention for borders. Maybe this will get recognised as worthy of an update by the devs here.

I would love to see auto load on romname and the ability to show multiple full screen overlays at the same time