Post Your Overlays!


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Did you see the pinned topic hunterk created especially for borders?

Overlay Border Repo

Next couple of weeks I hope to add the Vectrex border/overlays I combined from other sources.

If anyone has a GCE Vectrex border in similar style as above please post as I can’t find one to fill the left/right side of the screen


That’s my border for use with MAME layout (16:10)


This is nice, I have a GIT account, how can I make the above GBA and NDS borders available there and how will users download it via Retroarch?


I see, so at the moment is not that easy. Well, since it is getting more attention, let’s wait and see if the developers add this option in the near future. Thanks


On the overlay-borders fit repo can you try hitting clone/download by zip and see what you get. I have added some GCE Vectrex overlays so there is something to DL now


OK, I just tried the clone/download button, as zip file, it downloaded a bunch of GCE Vectrex overlays, can this become available through Retroarch? How can I contribute with some overlays I created?


i dont think it will be part of the gui because it could eat in to bandwidth but thats for the people in charge to think about.

If you follow Hunterk’s simple steps in the Overlay-borders repo topic, you should get there.

basically you install a github program on your pc, follow what hunterk said then it should create the folder structure on your pc. you add your files/folders then your create a pull request. when that gets approved (merged) your files are added to official repo.

im still figuring out.


Those looks awasome! Do you plan doing for more consoles? With ‘flat screen’ version if possible :smile_cat:


So I’ve been using overlays for consoles and now for video playback, using Retroarch. One of the Kodi’s developers asked me if I wasn’t concerned about a possible screen burn in using such static images, here’s the link in case you’re curious:

Anyway, I’d like to here from you guys, and in the hope I’m not derailing this thread as we are talking about static overlays here, what you guys think, should someone be worried about screen burn-in using overlays?


For watching a movie/series, I would say no, as a static image for over a couple of hours should not do any harm on any type of screen.

If you are doing constant gaming marathons (idk 6 hours straight or more), then plasma TVs should refrain from using overlays as they could get burned-in.

LCD/LED/OLED should not worry; most they could get is image persistence and color unphasing but that should revert back to normal after a very short while.


Ditto what Kondorito said. Also, with LCD/LED/OLED, uneven wear can lead to a burn-in type effect, but this can occur just from 4:3 pillarboxing, as well. I had an old widescreen LCD monitor back when most content was 4:3 and it developed a distinct wear pattern over time. So, my point is: if you’re using an overlay for 4:3 content, it’s no worse than watching 4:3 content with no overlay.


Nice input guys, it’s good to listen to other knowledges.

I remember back in 2006 I bought a 29" Samsung Flat CRT which I’d have until today if I haven’t donated it, but it was for a good reason.

I used that TV as a PC monitor for over 7 years, mostly for playing games and watch videos, I also remember when playing songs via Windows Media Player, the song list bar darkened that part of the screen, and it darkened a lot while it was static there, only the preview part, which is constantly moving haven’t darkened. But that effect disappeared when I played a full screen game or watched something in full screen. If a CRT can survive for so long without a burn in, I wonder a LCD TV.


My New Atari 5200 Overlay,

You can download it here,


I made an overlay for the Famicom to be used with Retroarch,

You can download the overlay here,


I’ve already sent you a PM, but you did not answer, so I’ll ask here. Could you please share this plain console bezels without TV screen borders? They are very cool, but i prefer more game screen space. Thanks


You keep rocking orion!


Hey, just saw your message. Okay, here it is. If you plan to upload them anywhere please give me credit. Thanks.


Thanks! I’ll slightly modify them, and of course all copy rights will belong to you.


Some experiments with crt-pi shader and scan lines as overlay. All optimised for 5" 720p screen, don’t now how it will looks on others.

And I’ve added a folder with edited crt-pi shaders (both horizontal and vertical) whith curvature=on and scan lines=off. Or you can use defaulte crt-pi shader.

Original borders/bezels images by Nosh01 from here: 1280x720 scan line preset made by Nesguy from this thread:

For 720p screen:

  • Custom Resolution: 960x720
  • Integer Scale=off
  • Onscreen Display -> Overlay opacity = 0.85 (for all overlays)

With all of it looks like this:

p.s. Why on small screenshots there are always such rainbow effect, but at full screen and in game it’s not visible?


That’s the mask effects, which are very much dependent on resolution, since they often depend on subpixel behavior.