Post Your Overlays!


I just found out who made the bezels I use. Credit is given to RetroKenesis for all the bezels I use in my Overlays. I’m new around here so I don’t know too many people around these parts. If I knew I would have credited him earlier. If anyone identifies the source material for any of my work please tell me. I want to give credit. Thank you.


This is my first try making a CRT TV overlay. This overlay can be used on 19:10 monitor. In settings set integer scale on and use 4:3 resolution. Hope you guys like it.


Looks awesome. Great touch the screen glare :slight_smile: I am a fan of those.

EDIT: I just checked it and you also added the glass to it. Very nice work man.


I like it, it’s a nice touch. I think it would be nice if you also make available a version without the glass, and without the reflection too.


Thank you! Here is one without the glass and reflection.


Hey man, that looks pretty good! I’m not really involved with Retro Pie anymore, the input lag on that platform (4 frames minimum) kinda ruins it for me. I use Windows 7 for emulation now and am getting sub 1 frame lag with a CRT monitor.

I will say though that those scanlines look too thin to me, and don’t exhibit the bloom seen in authentic scanlines. The examples you sent me look too much like an LCD grid, IMO. The scanlines should be stronger than the vertical lines/“phosphors”. Just my two cents. The borders look great!


On 5" screen it looks more like CRT In any case I like the result :slight_smile:


I made an overlay for the Super Famicom to be used with Retroarch

I made an overlay for the Colecovision

I made an overlay for the Intellivision


M new old tv overlay for 16:10 monitors

retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 142, viewport y 128, viewport width 1076, viewport height 806.


I remember playing Tom & Jerry back in the day, it was a pirated cart with at least 10 games, for some reason I like this game a lot even today, and for some reason I never thought it was officially released, like homebrew or something. Nice game anyways!


Yes it’s old but nice game, here is 16:10 tv overlays with glass effects


I need to be honest; I just don’t feel it right. At least in my screen it looks like a sky blue mask with some opacity, and does not resemble glass. I would try desaturating the color up to leaving it almost grey.


Thanks Kondorito i try that and posting results when finished.


Kondorito here is overlay with changed saturation and hue now look correct on my screen


Of course it is all a matter of preferences. I just removed the blue coloration of your overlay; try it and let me know what do you think in comparison to the original one.


Now looking good both versions, here is not saturated version, thanks for sugestion kondorito.

here is old tv glass not saturated version

here is old tv glass saturated version


Cheers! Glad to be of help.


Would you mind posting the same overlay in 1080p?


Rion, i have 16:10 monitor and i dont know how look on 1080p, but i’m planing to buy 16:9 monitor.


Here you go. Had to remove some of the top/bottom borders and generate the lateral ones. EDIT: Don´t know why it did not upload. Now should be fine.