Post Your Overlays!


Thank you @Kondorito ! I know @exodus123456 made the same overlay that you posted for 1080p but as far as I can see its without the glass layer.

Would it be possible to edit his 1080p overlay to add the glass effect but without the blueish tint and sun glare.


Hi Kondorito,

did you ever drop the editted N64 border from post 58?


Oh man I did not. Sorry. I need to go to my HS set and grab it from there. Will try to do it tonight.


Here you go. The screen has a little greyish tint to it, and I made like a vignette shader on top (darkened the 4 corners) to create a depth effect.


I made an overlay for the Sega Mark III to be used with Retroarch

Exodus' CRT TV's Overlays Collection (With Day and Night support)

Here is improved tv glass overlays for 16:10


@ljubinko What is the improvements over the ones you already posted?

Thank you again @Kondorito for posting the modified 1080p for me. I like it alot and the screen size is a little bit bigger then the same one @exodus123456 posted.

Sure the headphone jack is missing but you don’t miss it and it looks like the tv is like that :grinning:


Rion, as you can see on pictures there is a different images, now look like more real glass effect i increased a saturation in photoshop a little bit on not saturated overlay to gain that effect.


You are right it looks a lot better. Just check on my computer and not on my mobile screen. :wink:

Because you don’t have a 16:9 screen im going to ask if @Kondorito would mind converting these again to 1080p?

Exodus' CRT TV's Overlays Collection (With Day and Night support)

Yes it’s better, but at the end of all it’s all about preference you my find different settings to work better on your monitor screen. Here is my template for glass effect for 1080p, Rion first open template in gimp or photoshop and just copy and paste your regular overlay without glass effect over it.


No prob. Tell me which ones you want and I´ll see if I can modify them without losing the size relation.


Thank you. The last ones @ljubinko posted with the improved glass effects.

Thank you @ljubinko for the tip. Sadly graphics and image editing is not my strong suit.

Edit: Thank you for sharing your glass overlay. It will probably be of use to alot of people. Do you plan to do a 16:10 glass overlay tenplate to? And are you going to improve on it and continue to share the updated templates?

Sorry alot of questions there but i really appreciate your work alot!


I already have 16:10 glass template just resized it for you and other people with 1080p resolutions and thanks Rion.


A Game & Watch bezel for 16:10



I already did the first one from ljubinko (post 140). This second one was a little bit tricky because there was no way to make it happen without stretching it, so in order to maintain the same game space ratio from the original image, I had to emulate some wooden sidebars. Hope you like it.


Thank you!

But wasn’t the first one you made for me based on post 136? I’m talking about the improved ones from post 147.

I hope this doesn’t come out as needy/greedy because this was/is never my intention. Secondly English is not my native language. :hushed:


But what is the difference between versions in posts 136 and 146?


There is a slight difference in the glass effect from what i can understand and see.


Here you go:


Thank you so much! :sunglasses: