Post Your Overlays!


Yes Kondorito, the overlay need’s to be cropped on top and bottom as well on the left and right side and than need’s to be added extra portion of image to maintain original aspect ratio and not to be stretched.

Rion here is my overlay for 1080p

i forgot glass transparency :slight_smile: here is link direct upload image not working.


@Orionsangel, Ryan, do you accept requests? I’m missing: both with video border and without it:

Atari Jaguar Panasonic 3DO Philips CD-i Arcade Sega CD Sega SG-1000 SNK NEO GEO CD PC Engine


@Orionsangel, would it be possible to release a 16:10 version of your overlays? they are fantastic.


Yes, some of those are already coming. I’ll see what I can do.


Thank you. If you like you can do it yourself or someone else. I give permission. I get a lot of request, but I’m very busy with work and family. I make these on my free time. Sorry I couldn’t help more my friend.


Arviel, i will do with orions permission couple overlays for 16:10.

here is, credits goes to orions the overlays is a little bit squished because 16:9 monitor is different aspect ratio, but i prefer to keep original gameplay area aspect ratio.

sega dreamcast

sega mega drive

panasonic 3do

neo geo

mega drive japan

more incoming.

Atari 2600

nintendo famicom

nintendo super famicom


Those look great. Thanks for sharing.


Here is more Arviel


Turbografx cd

Sega Mark 3


If you want more tell me. I decided to do for you Arviel not squished overlays, but this required more time


Turbografx cd

Sega Mark 3


Sega Dreamcast

Sega Mega Drive

Panasonic 3do

neo geo

mega drive japan

Atari 2600

Nintendo Famicom

Nintendo Super Famicom


I hope you like it, for today is more than enough.

Here is 16:10 overlays second part

sega 32x

sony playstation

super nintendo entertainment system

nintendo 64

sega master system

sega genesis

sega saturn

sega cd


Yeah those are awesome. Thank you again!


Here are some overlays for the Atari Jaguar & PC Engine to be used with Retroarch


Thanks! Awesome job!


Thanks to you and your permission to do overlays for 16:10.


Thank you @Orionsangel, they look perfect!


Here are some overlays for the TurboGrafx CD to be used with Retroarch.


My new Sega Saturn overlay with small fixes


Great work! I like it!


I made an overlay for the Sega CD to be used with Retroarch


I made an overlay to use with Gamecube games.


My entire collection so far has been posted on EmuMovies.


Cool. I did grab everything from the thread for adding to repo. Am I best to grab the EmuMovies set now instead? Also did you credit the stuff on EM? I know you said some originals came from RetroKenesis but not sure which ones. I have not started sorting yet though.