Ppsspp core from 2 years ago


Hi all Did I read somewhere people were having trouble with the ppsspp core As I setup lakka few years ago and backup my setup . I recently started a new setup and found non of my psp games worked with the newer 2018 setup so I found my old setup and all games were working with my core from 2 years ago … anyone give me shout if you would like me to post that core and if it’s OK to do so Peace :blush:


If posting a 2 year old core is OK please let me know so I can upload it here


Hey, yeah, it’s fine. We can’t fix people’s problems with it if they have them, obviously, but it’s fine to post it.




is for raspberry pi?


Not sure I’m using it on pc based lakka 64bit so maybe but I don’t know for sure It’s the same architecture


Problem solved! +10 q6600 8gb ram!


raspberry pi