PPSSPP is problematic on Lakka 2.3.1 Generic X86_64

Not sure if I should report a bug or something on this.

Just tried Lakka 2.3.1 Generic X86_64 today. Major Updates, and it is pretty much awesome, except when it comes to PPSSPP.

As I have been told PPSSPP haven’t got updated on RetroArch for long time, and things is just started to be picking back up, and PPSSPP 1.9.0 just released. So that’s something to keep in mind.

But basically, I am experiences number of issues with this core. Just to name a few:

    • Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, wouldn’t load after the very first in game screen.
    • God of war - Chains of Olympus intro is like a Motions Slide Show, sounds are working fine, but the animation will play a little, than have a massive skip, then play a little again.
    • Sometime it can crash RetroArch, when you mess around with setting in games.

I would love to do some bug reports, but it has so much issues, I don’t know where to begin, and not sure if they are released neither.

Let me know if there’s preferred way for me to help report some of the issues.

And Again thanks for hard works on everything else!

Do you have the PPSSPP assets? You don’t need them anymore since they are built-in but for that to take effect you need to reset your RA config

@natinusala I am run Lakka 2.3.1 through live USB, everything default, and no additional assets added like it used to.

Did more testing today, here the finding:

Still don’t know what cause Castlevania stop working.

But the Motion Slide show problem seem true for all in-game animation / video play back I have tried. Games like Megaman will have the same problems.

Up Scaling resolution wouldn’t work, so set anything higher than native internal resolution will cause black screen.

So I will report those bugs that’s a bit clear.

Upscaling can be done if you follow this procedure.

  1. Load a game.
  2. Go to options and set the desired resolution.
  3. Exit the game without closing the menus.
  4. Load the game (now with enhanced resolution).

I hope this helps.