Problem running Lakka from external drive


A while ago, I put Lakka on a USB drive and then put some ROMs directly on the USB drive so I could simply boot up to it and play some games. Now I’m trying to go bigger and want to install it on an external hard drive (1TB) and then copy my ROMs on to it and use it in the same way. But when I do, it installs to the external drive, but leaves most of the drive space unallocated so I don’t have room to copy my ROMs to it. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


The first time you boot Lakka from the hard drive, you should see messages of the second partition being resized. Did you notice this?


No, I haven’t tried booting up to it. I’d just put it on the external drive and then tried to copy the files to it. I’ll try booting to the external drive and see what happens.


I don’t get what you did, what files exactly did you copy to this external drive?


Hi to pick up on this thread I’m doing the same thing. I did get the part about being resized, now it rebooted and all I get is the beautiful flower in the middle of the screen. and it stays that way forever.


To update that I was using a laptop and had the lid closed. I didn’t realize the video output was on the laptop. I went in and changed the output to monitor 2 and it worked fine.