Problem with lakka and emulators

Hi all. I just installed Lakka on my Raspberry pi 4. After, I upped some roms arcade and zx spectrum’s. Unfortunately mame doesn’t see my arcade roms, while fuse sees spectrum ones. But if I launch everyone of them, nobody works and raspberry freezes in a black screen… :frowning: Any idea? Tx.

Hello, for mame your roms must match the core version, so you can try to change romset. Now I am far from my lakka installation and I don’t remember which version, maybe 1.39? For Fuse I am much lucky with my pi 4, I load games but every time quit or try to save state the core crash and retroarch restart. On my android the fuse core work perfectly.

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Hi, tx for your answer. I made many progresses… i could launch games both atari 2600’s, and mame’s and spectrum’s. I keep on having problems with fuse\zx spectrum games. When i load games, I can’t make it start because the controller doesn’t simulate the keyboard input and my keyboard, connected to raspberry doesn’t work… So I see only launch screen… :sob: Any idea?

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Yes, plug in a gamepad, load a game then click guide button (on 360 style gamepad is the big green X) or on a keyboard F1 key. You enter in the quick menù and under controller you select kempston joystick instead retropad so pressing SELECT button on gamepad show a virtual keyboard for you.

Now if you use your gamepad (and click fire button) Fuse read a Kempston joystick input, but if you need a keyboard input like “choose 1 or 2 or SPACE key” you open the virtual keyboard with select and go on.

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Tx Lucius… I’ll try soon!