Problems in 2.3 (x64) still exist on 2.3.2 (x64)

A while ago I reported some issue on various cores on 2.3. Finally got a chance to try out 2.3.2. and find that those issues still exist.

They are as follow:

PPSSPP Videos is Lagging (Play a little slow down Play a little more) PPSSPP Some game isn’t loading at all, namely Castlevania

*Tried the Lakka 3.0 latest Development night-build from Sept 2019. Same problem.

YabaSanshiro still not working (keep getting the wrong OpenGL version that by iGPU supported)

Overall, it seem like what not working on 2.3 is still not working, and what works on 2.3 still work and is better in many case.

All those bugs have been reported one way or another, so this is just FYI post.