Proper way to rectify this?

Probably a question for shader experts. I use fakelottes and fake-crt-geom and when large scaling (16x on 1080p) so that i can see small details, i observed that scanlines don’t exactly align where they should be, but around 1 pixel offset (this can be seen even on 4x on 1080p if you look closely) . After checking the code i found this function in vec4 scanline

vec2 omega = vec2(3.1415 * OutputSize.x, 2.0 * 3.1415 * TextureSize.y);

if i change 3.1415 (pi value) that is multiplied to .y to something smaller like 3.125 the scanlines come to proper position as seen in other shaders like Guest.r-dr.Venom. But just wanted to ask what is the proper way to do it. Same happens on plain scanline.glsl.

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Hmm, dunno about that. When you change it to 3.125, does it align all the way down? My concern would be that it would desync after some number of texels.

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Looks like it desyncs with 3.125 after some lines on normal games with 200+ visible scanlines.

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k, yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Maybe try changing TextureSize.y to (TextureSize.y +/- some_value).