Ps3 controller bluetooth pressing the right d-pad brings up menu


Having a weird issue that I’m able to reproduce on command. I’m using a new raspberry pi 4 with the latest stable version of Lakka flashed to a 32GB SD card. I’m also using a PS3 controller. When I use it wired there is no problem and it works as intended. However, when I pair it with bluetooth if I press right on the d-pad while being in a game (any system) it brings back up the retroarch menu. Now the easy workaround is to use only the analog stick of the PS3 which works without any issues. However, I’d really like to understand and fix the d-pad issue I’m describing. Searching via google or the forum I have not come accross anyone else having a simliar issue. If I disable bluetooth the issue is gone, if I enable bluetooth but keep the controller plugged there is on issue, once I unplug the controller and it gets paired I get the issue. replugging the controller WITHOUT disabling blueooth keeps the issue.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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I’m having the same issue, using the same hadware: pi4 and a PS3 controller.

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I had lakka installed and it worked without any issues. Re-installed it to get multiboot going with kodi (via noobs) and then I ran into exactly same issue. RPI4 and shanwan ps3 controller - when paired via bluetooth then dpad right opens retroarch menu.

I am quite stumbled what would have changed within the last 2 months that “broke” it between installs. I noticed that the controllers register as shanwan when wired via USB but as sony ps3 via bluetooth but believe to remember that was the same on the previous install.

Did you find any solution to this?



@CarlosBerni @cradleofmick did you guys find any solution? Thanks

Ive had some wierd issues with the PS3 and PS4 controller in the past with lakka mostly on the raspberry pi. In the meantime I have really loved the Logitech F310, it even works with linux games or lutris emulated pc games on Linux distros.

It could be me but I noticed that the offical ps3 controller acts up more on low battery even when wired.

Hi, maybe this can help?

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