PSP game performance on the Raspberry Pi 4

In the past versions of Lakka OS PSP was hit or miss when it came to the Raspberry Pi hardware. Maybe it was the improvements of the later versions and using a SSD connected to the Raspberry Pi 4 unit that some of the games performance had improved maybe due to better read/write speeds SSD compared to the Micro SD cards (100MBs read/ 20MBs Write speeds) I have used.

Currently my RPI 4 B (4gb) running w/ Lakka OS aarch64 3.5. I made a performance spreadsheet of the games I ran with it so far. I have notice that some games despite running around 30.10 FPS actually run fine despite the frames and some were showing 60 FPS. Unless the FPS counter on Lakka is not accurate.

For Example “Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days” ran sluggish on the RPI4B (4gb) when I had versions 3.1 and even the earlier versions of Lakka when it was running from the micro sd card compared to Lakka 3.5 with the rom being read from a SSD with the same RPI4B 4gb hardware.

Spreadsheet (made with LibreOffice’s Calculator) It’s still a WIP link

BlazBlue Continium Shift II (USA) runs fine and you can see the FPS counter in the corner

“Bomberman (USA)” for example despite showing FPS of 30.10 it runs fine, Some of the games I tested were running at 60FPS and some about 30 FPS but either way many of them ran fine and did not feel sluggish like the lag I was experiencing before.