PSX not working on RPI4

So, I got Lakka working in my RPI4 4GB. It seems to run NES, ScummVM and Sega MD fine, but won’t even launch PSX games. I have copied working (checked) BIOS files to the System directory. Games are in both ISO and PBP formats.

What am I doing wrong?

which core are you using? Is your system running a 32-bit or 64-bit OS? If you post a log of you trying and failing to load a game, I can take a look.

PCSX ReARMed cannot run ISO files, please try the CUE/BIN format

The problem is I can’t find the option to download a custom/specific core on this RPI4 version of Lakka. It seems slightly different than the previous one I used, a Windows based one. The cores are already installed.

Yes, RPI4 is a 64 bit machine.

No the RPi4 software is entirely 32bit, apart from a few distros out there

Also you cannot download cores for Lakka, they are supposed to be all there from the start

Hm, I read it’s 64. Never mind, 32 then. Exactly, the cores are there, but not all of them. There’s only one available for PSX, and if it doesn’t work, I can’t substitute it.

And downloading a core from and putting it in /storage/cores/?

Isn’t this working anymore?

[EDIT] Was addressed to this:

The PCSX ReARMed core shipped with Lakka should work and you shouldn’t need another one, what is the exact issue you’re having?

Which folder should I loot for the cores to be compatible with RPI4?

As natinusala said the build-in PCSX ReARMed core should be sufficient.

ISO doesnt’work, but *.pbp should be ok. Better are redump verified bin/cue

For the RPi you need one of the arm cores, but i’m not sure which. Try both.