[Question] Is it possible to combine shaders with newpixie-crt?


Could someone please answer me: is there any way to add shaders before crt-newpixie passes?

I like the look of this shader, but I would like to add some antidither or ntsc-adaptive shader first. How can I do this?

Yes, you have to open the preset in a text editor and then put your shaders before the existing passes and then re-number the passes to match. Increment the shader count at the top of the file and save.

I did this but the “accumulate”, vertical and horizontal blur shader is not working properly.

ah, yeah, I think it needs the feedback value in one of those passes to be adjusted to include the preceding passes. Dunno about the blur.


You can press F5 and do it through the Desktop UI. It allows you to add/remove, move passes up/down. It’s hit or miss depending on how complicated the shader chain you’re trying to manipulate is, though.