Questions about 1440p, kurozumi, and bezels

I have read that 1440p is a good resolution because it scales so nicely with retro resolutions. i was wondering, i use crt kurozumi and would like to apply bezels. Should I be using integer scale on with core provided aspect ratio? When I turn integer scaling off, the game fits into the 1440p bezels i have downloaded. with integer scaling on the game screen is slightly smaller. I am confused as to why this happens if retro resolutions scale to 1440p so well. What is more accurate to playing on a crt? integer scale on or off? thanks, this all has me confused. If there is no reason to have integer scale on for 1440p id prefer it because of the larger screen coverage.

1440p is an integer multiple of 240, so the full frame (including overscan) should fit into it exactly. However, most consoles/games use a height of 224 visible lines, so integer scaling leaves some dead space around it.

Just go with whatever you think looks best :slight_smile: