Raspberry Pi 4, 1 gigabyte, RAM filling and freezing of Lakka :

Hi Everyone,

I could see that there was a link between the roms previously loaded and the amount of available RAM that regressed (available memory).

Factually more we execute rom / or more these are big, then at a time the loading of a rom does not succeed and the system is plunged in a black screen indefinitely…

In this case, the power supply must be turned off and then on again because there is no way to turn the system back on! (hotkey back on the system is inoperable)

This is systematic.

Is there an automated way to clear/clean RAM that seems to always be occupied by previously loaded roms ?

The startup time would be slower (for rom never loaded) but the idea is to avoid a manual restart or worse a freeze…

Unless there is an option to specify which roms can or cannot remain in RAM after an exit from the current emulation, where is she ?