Raspberry pi 4 model B Nintendo DS

When it comes to hardware & the cores integrated, I wish there was more documentation so we are less likely to have to ask about it. For instance the rpi3 i would have never bothered with ds games on it but with the improved rpi4 i have reconsidered, but what core should I use for the RPi4b and what games run very well on it? Does a game being zipped have any affect on it being run?

Does majority of the games run slow on it? Am I limited to very low demanding games for it? If so what are those games that run well. I thought maybe some 2d rpg games might work fine such as chrono trigger but Im not sure so Im turning to the community here.

Is there any games that dont need touch inputs and run fine? Its a pain from my experince when using either a analog stick or mouse for the games. Not everyone has a Wacom tablet for touch input.

Sorry if this isnt the place to ask, I didnt think this would be the type of question or topic on the github page.