Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5 / Lakka v4.3 : loop after resizing

Hi Everyone,

User of RetroArch on PC I decide to test Lakka on Raspberry Pi4 with the latest build… Here is my feedback for this first unsuccessful test, but to begin with, here are the elements used :slight_smile:

-Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5 (1GB). -Raspberry Pi 4 official power supply. -Lakka-RPi4.aarch64-4.3.img.

Install on microSD created with Win32DiskImager…top !

-I start the Raspberry Pi 4 with this microSD : at begin the system resize the space and 1 reboot.:slight_smile

  • Next the Lakka logo appear with the version on top left on screen…and the screen is black, a long minutes pass and again the Lakka logo appear with the version on top…

-you understand that it looks like boot loop…

The concern is the same with Lakka v4.2 / Nighly 4.xx /

Has anyone encountered the same problem ?

Has anyone found a solution ?

Is a material incompatibility likely ? https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/uygvni/i_just_received_a_4b_rev_15_what_is_the_revision/

Thank you for your answers !

FYI, the latests images of recalbox-rpi4_64 and retropie-buster-4.8-rpi4_400 runs without problems with this hardware configuration…

Lakka team please would you have a solution ?

Try reducing gpu_mem in config.txt to something like 320 or 256.

See Stuck at first time boot screen (infinite reboot loop) for more information.

I tried 320 and it’s all good, thanks :innocent:

Can I suggest to the developer to create a test page at the first startup to check if the default video/audio options are compatible and propose adjustments if necessary ? It would save a lot of time. :wink: