Raspberry Pi 5

Afternoon all, has anybody lucky enough to preview the rasberry pi 5 got lakka up and running? If so has anybody tried out vulkan support and in particular the hdr support in vulkan for it? Thanks

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I’ve got one but having problems. Moving the drive that worked fine on my RPi4, I get the error “The installed operating system does not indicate support for Raspberry Pi 5” Adding “os_check=0” to my config.txt results in a blank screen after BIOS


Yes that wont work - we need to wait for a pi5 lakka image before itll work.

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I tested the latest nightly on the Pi 5 just now, it’s pretty good. Even GC is performing well… it’s quite the powerhouse this little board.


Yes Ive heard Dreamcast is viable. Im really waiting for Vulkan support so I can try out hdr support.

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This is good news. :slight_smile:

Is the Dolphin core running on the rpi5 ?

Affirmative, and reasonably well too (at 1x scaling so far).

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GameCube emulation is quite unstable here. The core freezes most of the time.

Do you run PAL games and did you manage to run them in PAL60 ? Mine run at 50 fps but with a 20% speed increase.

Hi! Where do you download the .img for the pi5? I can only find the one for the pi4, thanks

Development builds: https://nightly.builds.lakka.tv/devbuild_latest/RPi5.aarch64/

I didn’t notice any major instability, but to be clear I was testing the easier to run games like TLOZ-WW/TP and Pikmin etc, FZ GX for example is no go at the moment, would likely need the Vulkan backend at least.

I had frequent crashes with Zelda WW. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the core couldn’t run the PAL version of the game with the right timings.