Raspberry Pi image Build remove broken shaders

Some of the shaders that are on the Raspberry Pi 4 builds do not work by either failing to load, causes massive slowdowns and/or crash Lakka OS. Can some of them be removed from the Raspberry Pi image builds? I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GBs RAM) running the aarch64 image and for example “metacrt.glsp” ended up freezing Lakka. I was using a shader for a Neo Geo rom using the FBNeo core and that was the result of running that one shader, but out of many there are some that do not work.

The shaders provided in Lakka image are the same that would be downloaded manually from standalone RetroArch via Online Updater. We just provide the shaders from the repositories (glsl, slang). Shaders in general are GPU/CPU intensive.


Some do work pretty well, for example I tend to use the ScaleHQ shaders for some GBA games since they look more pixelated on TV screen.

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While I don’t use shaders very much on my single board computers or Android devices. (Except for “zfast-crt” and “dot” on the ODROID XU4.) I do use overlays. (I embed a CRT-Geom clone, raster layer, in my Android overlays.)

A decent overlay, to shrink the size of a handheld screen, does wonders for pixelation.

I have 4K overlays for all the popular handhelds in my overlay repo. here

I plan to investigate getting all my overlays distributed as a downloadable option in Batocera whenever I get around to it.


Uh yeah. :frowning_face: It turns out my graphics already make up the majority of the default Batocera overlays.

RetroPie has a shader repository with an ‘rpi’ branch that I assume has shaders that are lightweight and work well on the Raspberry Pi’s. It does look like most files are old, though.

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hello, i cant start own thread … so i use this here, sorry in advance.

have a pi400 and looking for a woirking image i installed a PI4 Image, but this will not boot. Lakka-RPi4-RetroDreamer.aarch64-nightly-v4.x-20221119-5a6e401.img

can anyone help?