Recording in Lakka on Raspberry Pi3/4

Hello! So, new to Lakka and it looks good but I’m confused about the Recording option that shows when you activate the advanced menu options.

I’m considering buying a Pi4 and wanted to try Lakka on my Pi3 to see what the performance was like. This is because I want to play emulated games and ideally record them. This would be done on my Mac through OBS but its an early 2011 MacBook Pro and it can just about play and record Mega Drive roms, anything passed that and it wheezes.

Hence, using the Pi as a retro gaming machine.

I’ve downloaded 2.3.2 Lakka image from the website, installed, added a couple of N64/PS1 games which run a treat. The recording menu is there, in the drivers menu it shows “ffmeg” and when running a rom I can see “Start Recording” in the menu. However, clicking that does nothing, binding the command to a hot key does nothing. By nothing I mean, selecting the option just returns me to the game but no files are produced anywhere, and pressing the hot key does nothing in game. So, from this I have questions:

  • Does anyone know how to get recording working? I’ve seen other sites wen googling talking about setting up record_config files for each emulator, would I need to do to that?
  • Will this work more easily if I had a Pi4? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Ideally I’d like this to work and not have to spend £150 on a elgato or something like that, so any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi, I discovered Lakka a few months ago, so I could be wrong but on my raspberry pi4 every time I start a recording, the system crashes and restarts. No problem for screenshots. I think the resources and video drivers are not enough. It is important to check that a folder for recordings is selected.


[INFO] [recording] Custom timing given: FPS: 60.0998, Sample rate: 48000.0000 [INFO] [recording] Detected viewport of 1003 x 768 [INFO] [recording] Recording to rtmp://[CENSORED] @ 1003x768. (FB size: 1024x1024 pix_fmt: 1) [INFO] RetroArch 1.8.4 (Git 9e25601a56) [INFO] === Build ======================================= [INFO] Capabilities: NEON VFPv3 VFPv4 [INFO] Built: Jan 20 2020 [INFO] Version: 1.8.4 [INFO] Git: 9e25601a56 [INFO] ================================================= [INFO] [Environ]: SET_PIXEL_FORMAT: RGB565.

I’m having the same issue. Here is what I’m seeing from the logs on it. Set logging to debug mode and only getting these info ones. No errors but immediately rebuilds.

My though is simply that the pi have some problem to manage input output stream on sd card (if you write a stream you can not read at same time) so the system hang and restart.