[Release] Lakka + KODI Dual Boot Images for Raspberry Pi


I don’t think so…

But, NOOBS can be setup to always boot into an OS. Just have it always boot into KODI (default) Then once in KODI, boot into Lakka as normal.


[QUOTE=mattrix;51653]I don’t think so…

But, NOOBS can be setup to always boot into an OS. Just have it always boot into KODI (default) Then once in KODI, boot into Lakka as normal.[/QUOTE] Sounds pretty simple, didn’t think of that :), thanks.


Thank you, mattrix. You are my hero! This is exactly what I wanted to do with my Raspi 3.


is there a version with the latest lakka included?


This simply uses NOOBS / PINN which will automatically use the latest stable version (currently 2.0).

Then you can easily update to RC builds if you like :slight_smile:


still working like a charm in 2018. my raspi3 b+ switches from kodi to lakka in 20 seconds. and Lakka -> Kodi in 27 seconds.

thanks man!


Hi @mattrix,

I used your NOOBS Companion addon so far for my Raspi 3 and of course it’s a great addition :slight_smile::+1:

Now I replaced the Pi with an Odroid C2, where multi boot is not as simple as with NOOBS. If you are interested, there is my thread about it: Odroid C2: Dual Boot CoreELEC (eMMC) and Lakka (SD)

I just want to ask you about the Boot-Back, that gets installed on the Pi to Lakka. Can I do something similar for my Odroid. It should remove the file /storage/roms/COREELEC/boot.ini and then it should copy the file /storage/roms/COREELEC/boot.ini.elec to /storage/roms/COREELEC/boot.ini

That should be triggered, when I hit the “Quit Retroarch” in the Lakka gui, as you did with your NOOBS Companion. What is the easiest way to set this up?

Many thanks in advance! Stefan


Hi @steff,

Something like the below should work (havn’t tested)


rm -r /storage/roms/COREELEC/boot.ini
cp /storage/roms/COREELEC/boot.ini.elec /storage/roms/COREELEC/boot.ini


ExecStopPost=/bin/bash -c '[ $SERVICE_RESULT = "success" ] && /storage/swap_boot.sh'

You may need to restart for the service drop-in to take affect.

Based on what my NOOBS Companion Add-on does:

Odroid C2: Dual Boot CoreELEC (eMMC) and Lakka (SD)

@mattrix It works very well. Now my dual boot is complete :slight_smile:


Just curious, got any of those images for an Odroid XU4 with eMMC built in? :smiley:


@Shockwave There is nothing ready to use for Odroid, which meets my requirements, so I decided to go the boot.ini-switching-way. You can find some ready to use berryboot-images for the C2 here https://berryboot.alexgoldcheidt.com/odroid-c2/ , but not for the XU4


It’s all good, no worries, i was merely curious, I don’t have a C2, just XU4s handy.


I want to dualboot Raspbian and Lakka. Does this method apply?


In the case of that, just use NOOBS, Lakka is part of that package as well as Raspbian, Raspbian Lite, Recalbox, Lakka, OSMC and LibreElec.


I tried it, but when I set the default OS to run be Lakka, I suddenly lose access to Raspbian. Was I supposed to set Raspbian as the default OS, but then what about starting Lakka?

I used PINN which is an enhanced version of NOOBS.


PINN literally stands for Pinn Is Not NOOBS! PINN usually will boot into your default OS first and not give you the option to boot out of the other one. I do believe you have to “exit” instead of power down, but don’t quote me on that one.


In PINN you can set a “sticky” boot. That will default to boot, but you can also switch when it’s booting.

My KODI add-on is what does the “boot-back” stuff, so if your not using that, you would need to do it all manually.

You can see what it does for each os here:

You’d want to copy the raspbian method and Lakka method to set them to boot to each other. You’d also need to figure out your correct partition numbers. If your running two OS’s, then one partition should be 6 and the other will either be 8 or 9.