Removing Cores not used

Is there a way I can remove certain Cores that I will not use, or am not interested in?

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Go to “Main Menu”. Then select “Load Core”, then “Information”, then “Core Information” and finally “Delete Core.”

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Nope, on LAKKA this will not work.
There the Delete Core setting was removed.

LAKKA stores the cores in /tmp/cores/

Can you tell us more about your system? Which LAKKA do you using ? (generic, arm, dualboot, singleboot etc.)

There is no way to remove cores in Lakka as the filesystem is read only

What you can do, is download the cores you want from the buildbot, then change the Cores directory from tmp/cores to storage/cores in the directory settings, and place the downloaded cores there. I do this to consolidate my list as well.

Bear in mind, on occasion I run into issues getting cores to load properly off the buildbot. I don’t know what causes it, and the only way I know of to get around it is to extract the working core(s) from the latest Lakka image and save those instead. Sounds like a lot of work, and in a way it kinda is, but in the end you have only the cores you’ll use in one place.

If you decide to do this, you should probably also change the Core Info directory to storage/cores as well, and save any updated .info files from the buildbot there too. I believe Lakka uses these .info files to associate cores.

If anything I’ve mentioned above is wrong, please feel free to correct me.

You don’t need to change the Cores directory, /tmp/cores contains the files of /usr/lib/libretro with the files of /storage/cores on top

Can’t seem to add cores to storage/cores. I’m using the Lakka build for GPi Case, essentially a RPi0 build.

For example, I tried to add MAME2003+ (extracted the *.so from, it shows up in select cores, but once selected Retroarch just restarts.

Why did it not work?

This is the newest instance of this question I could find, and rather than clutter up the board with the same question, I figured thread necromancy was the lesser evil.

Is there a functional way to remove or hide redundant cores in Lakka?