Report bugs on github, please

Dear Lakka users,

These forums are OK to discuss usability issues, and you can even use it to declare some technical bugs.

However, the right place to manage issues is github.

Github issue tracker is way better than a forum when it comes to maintain a list of bugs to fix.

If you declare your bugs here, there are chances that me and the other devs will forget to fix them.

Lakka issue tracker: - For all the bugs that happens only on Lakka RetroArch issue tracker: - For all the bugs that happen in RetroArch

There are also issue trackers for every individual libretro cores.

Before sending a report on github, please read this guide.

If you are an absolute beginner and are unable to know what is the appropriate place for your report, you can still use this forum and we will guide you.

If somebody close your issue and ask you to declare it elsewhere in very direct terms, don’t feel offended. Bugfixing can be a source of stress. But your bug reports are useful contributions.