[Request] Crt-apeture multipass with crt-torridgristle's bloom passes


I’ve been trying to do a shader preset for this.

I’ve done a dirty edit of crt-apeture removing the bloom, and then attempted to use 3 shaders from crt-torridgristle (candy bloom, the sunset gaussian blur vertical and horizontal).

If run the bloom shaders after crt-apeture, it doesn’t look right at all, doesn’t matter how I shall the shader passes.

If I run the bloom before crt-apeture, it still looks off but I can almost get it looking right by adjusting the bloom settings. I still feel that its not displaying like it should be (ie. If I actually knew what I was doing, lol.), The bloom is blocky in this configuration.

Some help would be awesome, as I really like crt-apetures scanlines and sharpness, but I just want more from the bloom (not saying default bloom isn’t strong enough, I’m just not the biggest fan of how it actually looks).