[Request] Shader for adjusting Brightness and Contrast

I’m looking for a shader that can be manually adjustable for Brightness and Contrast levels for a game. Specifically N64 games. Some N64 titles are terribly dark and you can’t quite see things clearly without needing to up the Contrast and Brightness levels on your TV. But since it’s on emulator there’s no way to just manually adjust these for games from the menus, since adjusting them on your monitor isn’t good enough or even possible, especially for flat screen monitors.

If I were doing a window capture through OBS for example I could manually adjust and use different brightness and contrast levels as I see fit, fixes for what folks can see in a video or livestream, but doesn’t help the person whose streaming, since it only adjusts what OBS sees, and not the actual game itself.

If we can have a shader that lets you manually adjust these on the go it be a whole lot easier.

Check out misc/image-adjustment. It’s a single-pass shader without a preset, so you’ll need to load it manually (increment the number of passes by 1, go to the new shader line marked N/A and then navigate to [shader type]/misc/image-adjustment.glsl/slang/cg, then hit ‘apply changes’). Once it’s loaded, go to the shader’s parameters and you’ll see a ton of things to adjust, including brightness, contrast, etc.

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Keep in mind that increasing brightness via shaders has a detrimental effect on color saturation and/or can introduce clipping. The best way to compensate for low brightness is to crank up the LCD backlight, if possible.