Retroarch.cfg changes - save persistent?

Dear all,

Being new to Lakka and learning about the system, I couldnt figure out how to store amendments done in .config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg file persistently. When logging in via SSH and amending the file, it always gets overwritten again after a reboot. In my case I am trying to set the correct audio card as described here in the documentation (, but does not seem to work. Always after rebooting the change is lost.

Any hint is appreciated.

Many thanks, Joe

ssh, systemctl stop retroarch, make changes, system start retroarch

yep, what cudencuden said.

As an explanation, RetroArch reads the cfg file at launch and then stores the settings in memory, then writes them to file again when you exit. If you modify the cfg file while RetroArch is running, it will write those old options back to the cfg when you exit/reboot, so you need to stop RetroArch before doing any modifications.

You could also try making settings > configuration > ‘save config on exit’ OFF, which should keep it from writing anything on exit (including itself, so it will go back to normal on reboot). Dunno if that will work 100% but maybe worth a shot.

Many thanks, guys. I missed (ignored?) to stop retroarch and only re-started it. That did the trick and got sound now working.

Much appreciated.

Ran into this recently, here’s the docs: