RetroArch isn't saving shader presets

I reinstalled RetroArch Wednesday, currently it will say it’s saving a shader preset (it’ll say it’s been saved) but afterwards it won’t be available in the menu as a preset when I go to look for it.

Where are you looking for it? They got moved to another location (i.e., no longer shaders/[shader type]/presets), though I can’t remember exactly where, as we discussed a couple of options. I think they’re supposed to be in ‘config’ now, to be near the overrides…?

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I’ll look when I get on my PC in a few. Didn’t realize the save folder for them was moved.

Yeah saved presets have been moved to the configs folder.

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I updated 5 minutes ago and when i save a shader preset it is in:


But this behaviour was in the last couple of releases as well…

Only overrides have changed from

retroarch/shaders/preset/* to retroarch/config/*
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I’m on RetroArch 1.8.7 and currently my shader presets are being saved to the config folder.

Are you saving with "Save Shader Preset As" or one of the other options?

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Save Shader Preset As, just did exactly that and preset is in the config folder.


With the first option, my shader got saved in the root shader folder (retroarch/shaders/) on my system.
I testet it with a fresh install (new retroarch.cfg)

Only the global/core/content directory/game options are saving in retroarch/config.
I am on Windos atm.

What version of RetroArch does it say you have in the bottom left corner because I used the option you are showing and it is saving to the config folder, hunterk said they made changes to where the shader presets save to.

I’m on windows as well.

1.8.7. updatet 15min ago through the desktop menu online updater

Build Date: May 22 2020
Git Version: 00d7c40c7a
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I did a fresh install of 1.8.7 Wednesday/Thursday and this is what it’s doing on my end. Maybe the reverted the change?

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Yes, they reverted the change:

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