Retrocade 3.X howto

This is attempt to document what is needed to get Lakka running on the super retrocade. This was previous document at gbatemp but for the older 2.X Lakka versions. The previous guide used the orange lite image but the orange pc dtb file.

So i found that i was getting a blank screen not matter which orange image i used. I decided to see if there was a serial connection on the board and there is. The output of the log showed that the cma could not allocate 256 mb. This makes sense because thats the total ram available. A internet search gave up a kernel option of cma= Ive settled on the orange pc image. Both 3.2 and nightly worked.

So i added cma=64M to the extlinux conf file. That fixed the problem and i now had the normal hdmi screen. Everything else worked from that point also. Ive run nes, snes, genesis, and gb cores so far. N64 cores would not work. The speed might be slower than before, but im second guessing this. I was basing it on snes9x cores. Anything other then 2002 is really slow. Maybe this was the case before. I do have the 2.X card image so i could double check if its worth it. One thing thats disappointing is the cpu speed info is missing which i expect cpufreq would need. So i cant tell what speed im running at either.

    [    0.002847] /cpus/[email protected] missing clock-frequency property
    [    0.002914] /cpus/[email protected] missing clock-frequency property
    [    0.002965] /cpus/[email protected] missing clock-frequency property
    [    0.003018] /cpus/[email protected] missing clock-frequency property

It also would help if i could lower the resolution from 1080p to 720p. But i dont know if this can be changed. I havnt tested the analog composite video output.