[RFC] Proof of concept mainline build for rg351p/m (maybe Odroid Go)

Hey Lakka community,

I spent the last week after I got my rg351p and immediately trying out Lakka (which I really much enjoyed using and working with) on it to bring it to a mainline Linux version so I now have a preview build I would like to get some comments on. The code is not yet in good shape but works mostly. The only binaries that are required to run are the bl31 images from Rockchip at the moment. There is support for PX30 in ARM Trusted Firmware but I was not yet able to make it work with my rg351m. But I also did not yet solder the serial console out to it.

No RGA scaling/rotation support is available (with the librga interface) so Wayland/Weston has to be used for now.

The image is based on

  • Linux 5.14-rc3
  • Mesa (Panfrost) git @ 86111fdc9c87d0736a7b7be7e390be2080b0d5db
  • Wayland with Weston 9.0+ (slightly after 9.0.0 in git for black background support in Kiosk shell)
  • Lakka 3.3
  • Retroarch 1.9.7

What works:

  • Wifi
  • Audio (tested with speakers only)
  • USB host
  • Sleep mode
  • Some battery reporting
  • OpenGLES 3
  • PSX emulation
  • SNES emulation
  • much more emulation

What doesn’t work:

  • Reboot (the device gets stuck, press reset button).

There is an aarch64 build available but I see no point in using it right now. “PSX Rearmed” is too slow to use it on the device.

I provide the images with no intention to provide support but to support the mainlining of the devices because I know that sometimes the bootstrapping is what holds people back. So if you want to make changes I am gladly accepting PRs to my repository so that in the end in the future this device might get mainline support.

I only have the rg351m available so I can only say that it works on this device, but I suspect it might also work on the "Odroid Go"

The image is NOT COMPATIBLE TO OdroidGoAdvance images (use a separate SD card)

The images are based on: https://github.com/djselbeck/Lakka-LibreELEC/tree/rk3326

And preview releases can be found at: https://github.com/djselbeck/Lakka-LibreELEC/releases/tag/2021-08-01

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Nice! Maybe you could port this to the Lakka-v4.x branch?

Just to add, I’d love to see a mainline build of Lakka come to the RK3326 handhelds, it seems there would be a big chunk of issues fixed with a newer kernel and Bifrost drivers.

Sorry for my delay. I am quite busy with personal things and other side projects. I will have a look into the 4.x branch and see that I will do a rebase and maybe start working on PRing it.