RG351P Image - Request to add Support for RTL8811AU WiFi Adapters

Hello Everyone,

There’s a really active community surrounding the Abernic RG351P/M devices and some wonderful existing firmwares. Even so, I’ve always preferred the simplicity of Lakka, so I was very excited to try out the 3.0 release.

Unfortunately the RG351P devices do not come with built in WiFi (note: technically the first batch of RG351P devices came with internal WiFi) so you need to use a USB WiFi Adapter. Many folks get a WiFi adapter based on the RTL8188EUS chipset, unfortunately I have a the TP-Link AC600 model which uses the RTL8811AU chipset. Other firmwares for the RG351P devices do support this WiFi adapter so I was hoping that support could added to the kernel that ships with the Lakka image for the RG351P. Hopefully it’s just a matter of selecting the correct CONFIG options when building the kernel - although I’m not sure if support for this particular chipset is out of tree (DKMS).

Thanks for any assistance and/or advice you can provide!