RG351p Support is here!

Just want to mention that there’s support for the RG351p in the Nightly Build repo. For anyone who are interested and do some testing with.

Super Thanks to @David G. F. For the implementation!

How sure how the Lakka team want to handle the bug report yet. As there will be issue specific to the RG351p, while others are more generic issues apply to all OGA/OGA clone. Unless there are someone who own both of the device, sometime that can be hard to tell. If anyone know an existing way to better bug report please let me know too.

Happy Gaming everyone.

Enjoying the latest nightlies on my RG-351M also, only minor issues I’ve found which are the latest Mali G31 blob not working properly in glcore mode (multicolor display), the Snes9x 2010 core isn’t working, and there is a slight overall performance regression in RetroArch 1.9.1 compared to 1.9.0, but otherwise it seems to be getting better every day generally.

Im very excited to to hear Lakka is available of rg351 devices, ive used Lakka in the past on GPICase and various Pi models - always been a favourite of mine. Ill move my rg351m over today and hopefully stick with it.

Yep it’s generally very good now with no major show stopping bugs, and Lakka 3 stable should be ready soon too:


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Hey, anyone else having issues with the battery indicator? It will count down to 0% and never change, even after fully charging it.

Yep, the battery indicator is an issue, but the devs are aware of it and hopefully it’ll be fixed at some point: https://github.com/libretro/Lakka-LibreELEC/issues/1407

Official mailine kernel support good to see now too: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/soc/soc.git/commit/?h=for-next&id=16e6e974d17b7b49b354f263145fb0573702f260