RockPro64 & Roshambo Case

Hi everyone,

I have installed Lakka on my Rockpro64 and I have a Roshambo case, when I start the system, fan, on/off, reset and led don’t work, the OS starts normally but I have to plug/unplug the cord. Also don’t see the system reading the Roshambo cartridge, it only reads it if I use an adapter to the usb. Any idea how could I get the case working fine? also would be possible to use a generic Wi-Fi dongle as I don’t have the dedicated module? I have tried to email the support but when I hit send nothing happens

Thanks in advance :peace_symbol:


The case must come with some sort of script to control the safe shutdown and fan, do you have it?

After some Google research I found something that could be useful on the below website

What do you think? :thinking:



Thanks for your reply, to be honest no I don’t have that and I also have tried on the official website but can’t see any section where I could download that :frowning_face:

I have opened a ticket on their website site where I’m asking for any available script

Is this the only way? Could I create one? (No idea in how to do that)

Really hope can get this running as is a very nice case


I’m not familiar enough with the ROCKPro64 to know if the kernel has drivers for GPIO fan control, but I’m pretty sure safe shutdown requires a script

Do you think the script I found online can be used to get it work properly?


Not as they are, they will need porting first

Okay, I’m not an expert in that, do you think you could advise? I hope a good soul from the community will help me out :crossed_fingers:

The S100kintaro script needs to be converted to a systemd unit and added to your Lakka box (not sure if we can do that without rebuilding atm), you also need to make sure that Lakka has python2.7. Finally you need to add the R64-GPIO Python library

Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to do that :cry:

If not a problem for you would be possible to help me in amending this script?

Thanks in advance :v: